Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

TEH Camp Meeting at IZOLYATSIA

On October 19-22, 2017, IZOLYATSIA hosts the yearly Trans Europe Halles Camp Meeting gathering representatives of more then 90 cultural centres built on territories of former industrial buildings as well independent cultural managers, artists and culture activists from all around Europe. During the meeting, participants will have an opportunity to learn Ukrainian context, institutions, artists and projects.

For the past three years, culture has been booming in Ukraine, with numerous contemporary initiatives and creative hubs springing around the country, especially in the East, where many cities are faced with the outcomes of the ongoing conflict. These centres of new culture swarm with fresh and intrepid ideas and are eager to learn from the experience of their European counterparts while sharing their own stories.

The international guests will have a unique opportunity to get to know contemporary cultural institutions from Kyiv, while Ukrainian participants will be able to find new partners and projects from TEH members via a special set of workshops. The last day of the conference will focus on talks dedicated to sharing experience between TEH members and Ukrainian participants on running cultural centres, programming, looking for financial support, working with local authorities, etc. The conference will also offer many possibilities for informal communication and exchange of ideas.

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a Europe-based network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists. TEH has been at the forefront of re-purposing Europe’s industrial buildings for arts, culture and activism since 1983. As of 2017, TEHhas brought together nearly 90 multidisciplinary cultural centres and other cultural organisations from across Europe. TEH organises two international meetings every year, coordinate international projects, run professional development trainings, act as consultants for public and private organisations, and actively influence cultural policies.

IZOLYATSIA is a TEH member since 2011, the first Ukrainian institution to join the network.

The TEH Camp Meeting will take place at the IZONE Creative Community, Kyiv, vul. Naberezhno-Luhova 8.

Learn more at the TEH 84 official webpage