Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

 Wearing out trousers — exhibition of IZOLYATSIA’s resident Vitalii Shupliak

November 8, IZOLYATSIA's resident Vitalii Shupliak will present his project Wearing out trousers at IZONE.



Wearing out trousers — is the next stage in the artist's practice, which will take the form of installations, videos and drawings. The works raise questions about forming identity and the effects of external influences on this process, as well as exploring symbols of the self-identification and digitalization of society.

Works presented at the exhibition raise different questions: what is the connection between the real and the virtual world? Grinding or erasing characteristic sharp features, borders, differences? How much does swiping on a screen affect identity formation? Can it lead to "erasure" of fingerprints? Scrolling that has no end or an end that will never come?



Vitalii Shupliak — a young artist, born in Berezhany (Ukraine), currently lives in Germany. He is engaged in video, installation and performance and is the founder of Pi-Gallery and a former member of the Carrousel group. Vitalii is the author of 9 solo exhibitions and participant of more than 80 group projects. See more works at:

On November 15 Vitalii will hold an artist-talk at IZONE.

November 8-13 

Address: IZONE, 4th floor (hall and studio 2) 

Opening on November 8 at 7:00 PM

Free entrance 

Vitalii’s residency is made possible thanks the EMERGENCE: Living Heritage / Reframing Memory project, which is supported and partially funded by the Creative Europe program.