The IZOLYATSIA territory in Donetsk remains seized and the platform has currently relocated to Kyiv.



17 January 2015—5 February 2015

The exhibition runs from 17 January till 7 February 2015Thursday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Entrance free.

A monumental photographic triptych depicts a process of revision of an imaginary museum collection, where the artists themselves become the protagonists of their own work – they act as museum keepers and revisionists of art history. Multilayered five meter long photo collages consist of over two thousand images, either photographed specifically for this project or found as ready-mades on the Internet and photoshopped into the picture. Three separate parts of the project portray various spatial and temporary aspects of the same episode. One of the collages gives a panoramic view of the location: a luscious garden with a Neo-classical building in its midsts. The second one depicts the process that is happening inside the building, while the third one, which in its turn consists of five sections, portrays each individual character of the story after the process of revision comes to a close.

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