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День Відродження

День Відродження

21 December 2012

IZOLYATSIA participates in the first International Rebirth Day - an art event conceived and organized by the Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Reflecting on the general concern about the impending approach of the end of the world allegedly foreseen by the mass consciousness on December 21, 2012, Pistoletto considers this day as the symbolic beginning of a new era in the history of mankind - as if the end exists, there should be also the start of something new.

Pistoletto argues that modern society is going through a transition, crisis phase of development. With one hand, it demonstrates the different ecological imbalance provoked by mindless consumerism and irresponsible attitude to nature, multiplied by the global economic and cultural instabilities. On the other hand, it is characterized by an impressive growth of technological resources and significant development of the scientific and intellectual thought in general so this phase gives the mankind an unprecedented opportunity to both destroy and create. 

With the symbolic end of the world all the mankind stands on the threshold of a new world - each of us can become its builder. It is not necessary to be a hero, a public person or a famous politician - you just need to be responsible and love the place where you live, relate to the people around you, and practice this love and responsibility in your everyday life.

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