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Memory Garden Public Program

The Memory Garden project contains the public program which is prepared by Memory Lab — the experimental department of the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center. The program consists of a series of public discussions on the contemporary instruments of commemoration, particularly those which can be aided by art and technologies.

February 15, 4 PM — lecture Dialogue With The Trees About The Past

In recent decades, working with plants has become one of the areas of artistic practice in a very wide range of meanings, from ecology to commemoration. We will try to talk about the problem of representing tragic events in art, about the metaphors of poisonous landscapes and about trying to listen to trees when we think about what it is difficult to remember.



Speaker: Oksana Dovgopolova, curator of the Memory Lab, division of the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center, Dr. phil. and professor at I.Mechnikov Odessa National University.


February 25, 7 PM — public talk Babi Yar As a Place of Memory: Conflicts of Elaboration of The Past

The Memory Garden project is one of the steps in direction of working with the memory of the tragic events in Babi Yar. Why for decades has the memory of this place remained the scene of political clashes and competition of victims? Why is talking about Babi Yar important for the national memory of Ukraine?

Participants: Anton Drobovich, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, Ph.D.; Leonid Finberg, director of the Center for the Study of the History and Culture of East European Jewry, editor-in-chief of Duh i Litera publishing house, member of the executive board of Ukrainian PEN. Moderator: Oksana Dovgopolova.


March 12, 7 PM — public talk Am I Coming into Our Garden? The Metaphor of The Garden in Modern Ukrainian Art

Gardens fill art and not only Ukrainian art. When it is not clear what is going on in the world, we really want to go to the garden. This is a metaphor of paradise and the image of a totalitarian society. What do Ukrainian artists do in the garden?

Speaker: Boris Filonenko, co-curator of the Second Biennale of Young Art in Kharkov, editor of IST Publishing. Moderator: Oksana Dovgopolova.


March 20, 7 PM — discussion Memory, Art, Plants, Technologies

Learn firsthand about Science Art as a powerful movement from artist and head of the Art&Science department at Sorbonne University Olga Kisseleva. Meanings are born at the intersection of space. Let's try to grab them.

With the participation of Olga Kisseleva and the curatorial team of the project representing various professional areas.


IZONE Creative Community; Floor Two

Naberezhno-Luhova, 8 (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Entry is free