Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

The participants of the Heritage: Space for Work programme have been selected

The selection of Heritage: Space for Work programme participants has been finished. The participants can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the cultural heritage protection field. In addition, the first meeting and the first lecture of the training and laboratory part have already been held.

Chernihiv region

  • Northern Cultural Capital NGO 
  • Menshchyna Union of Women NGO 
  • Pryluky Museum of Local Lore
  • Centre for Support of Public Activity "Wings" NGO 

Sumy region

  • TENET Centre for Social Transformations
  • Okhtyrka Youth Centre NGO 
  • Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports of Chernechchyna Village Council

Dnipropetrovska oblast

  • Dnipro History Museum
  • Petropavlivka Central Public Library
  • Pavlohrad Museum of History and Local Lore

Kharkiv region

  • Kapitol Village Library
  • Hryhorii Skovoroda Museum
  • Ilya Repin Museum 
  • Pervomaisk Local History Museum

Donetsk region

  • Pokrovsky Historical Museum
  • Volodymyr Nemirovych-Danchenko and Mykola Korff Memorial Museum-Estate M. Korff
  • Power of Ideas NGO

Luhansk region

  • Siverskyi Dinets Crisis Media Centre 
  • Kreminna Public Library

Odesa region

  • Odesa Archaeological Museum
  • Initiative People NGO 
  • Centre for Culture and Leisure of Bolhrad City Council
  • Centralised City Library System for Children (Odesa)
  • Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Museum of Local Lore

Kherson region

  • Regional Development Agency of the Tavrian Association of Territorial Communities
  • Urban Re Public NGO 
  • Kherson Centralised Library System

Mykolaiv region

  • ECO (Ecology, Culture, Education) Berezan NGO 
  • Bashtanka Local History Museum
  • Mykolaiv Local History Museum