Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

IZOLYATSIA is Seeking Actors

IZOLYATSIA is seeking actors for a short experimental film by Helen Flanagan, who is currently in artistic residence enabled by the SWAP Program: UK / Ukraine. It’s paid work while a background in professional acting is not necessary. For the film Sweat Blood Tears,  male and female actors are required. Actors must meet the requirements that are determined by the plot of the film.

Requirements for the candidates for the male role:

  • Age - 20-28 years.
  • Fluent Ukrainian and intermediate level of English.
  • Short hair or bald.
  • The character of the film has an athletic body. An athletic constitution is not necessary, but the actor must be slim.
  • The film includes a massage scene and ones with physical exercises so the actor should be ready to be filmed shirtless.

Requirements for the candidates for the female  role:

  • Age - 50-57 years.
  • Fluent Ukrainian and intermediate level of English.
  • The heroine in the film is the masseuse. Only hands and lips will be screened / captures so actors should have expressive lips.

Send your photo and parameters (your age and height) to [email protected] by November 14, 2018.

A brief description of the movie:
Sweat Blood Tears is a short film about athletes and therapeutic procedures that allow them to achieve results, discipline, embody ideology and collective responsibility. The film is inspired by colourful and dynamic mosaics and paintings depicting sports and athletic scenes that the artist has seen in Kyiv. The work focuses on the human body with its personal, collective and political history.