Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

Gurtobus Cinema Club

17 July 2021 — 31 October 2021

In July, in Soledar Hromada, the Gurtobus Cinema Club got under way: Docuclub Soledar as part of the Gurtobus project, a mobile cultural centre which was created with IZOLYATSIA’s support in collaboration with the US embassy in Ukraine. There are screenings of documentary cinema from Docudays UA — the international festival of documentary cinema about human rights. Docudays is the largest international festival of documentary cinema about human rights in Ukraine.

The project is aimed at increasing the level of familiarity with practical methods and instruments for defending human rights, about current democratic reforms related to human rights in Ukraine and relevant national campaigns, and also with the fact that every organisation and person can help to promote and inculcate them. The project will also help facilitate the promotion and inculcation of democratic forms related to human rights in Ukraine on a regional and national level, the strengthening of local participation and responsibility, and the realisation of practical advocacy events. 

Also, every Friday at 20:00 screenings of films will take place in the office of IZOLYATSIA. Foundation for Cultural Initiatives. Address: Vul. Parkova 1, Soledar.

You can visit the cinema club in Soledar Hromada according to the following schedule:

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