Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

Notebook with a Missing Page Public Programme

As part of Pavlo Makov’s exhibition Notebook with a Missing Page, IZOLYATSIA presents a public programme consisting of a presentation of Makov’s latest book, lectures and film screenings. 


Pavlo Makov Do Po book presentation
June 10, 3 PM
IZONE, Second Floor 

Lecture and workshop What’s a Zine? by Marina Khrypun
June 14, 7 PM
IZONE, Fourth Floor, Studio 2

Lecture In Search of the Ideal City: Urban Utopias in Times of Stalinism by Semen Shyrochyn
June 18, 7 PM 
IZONE, Second Floor 

Screening of Zhalanash–An Empty Shore (dir. Marcin Sauter) 
June 22, 7 PM
IZONE, Second Floor 

Lecture Image of an Ideal City: from Hippodamus to Makov by Diana Klochko
June 29, 7 PM
IZONE, Second Floor 

Screening of Planeta Petrila (dir. Andrei Dascalescu)
July 13, 7 PM
IZONE, Second Floor 

Lecture Book as an Exhibition, Exhibition as a Book by Pavlo Gudimov
July 20, 7 PM
IZONE,  Fourth Floor

The IZONE Creative Community is located at vul. Naberezhno-Luhova 8.

Films kindly provided by Docudays UA international human rights documentary film festival.