The IZOLYATSIA territory in Donetsk remains seized and the platform has currently relocated to Kyiv.

Switch on! is a new IZOLYATSIA educational initiative, reaching out new audiences (teenagers) interacting with professionals from different art & technology fields showcasing their vocations. Читать далее →




Title Description Place Lector
Video art Participants of the workshop will get introduction of what media art is, see examples of well-known and unknown media art works, know the difference between video, animation, video installations, clips, VJ-ing and video art, study how to develop a concept of the video and try to make their own piece of video using different artistic techniques and methods. MEDPUNKT, 5th floor Masha Kulikovskaya
Photography Participants of the workshop will learn about photography, methods of its making and using, they will look through a few photo-books and will try to read them. Lectors will tell about different approaches to shooting whereupon participants will try to make photos using obtained knowledge. The small photo-zine of photos will be a result of the workshop. IZOLAB Zhuzhalka
Spaghetti robots uprising During the workshop on creating spaghetti robots participants will get acquainted with basic of mechatronics and automatisation, they will learn how to work with micro controllers, servo motors and potentiometer. And by using programming pasta robots will be able to implement different tasks. IZOLAB IZOLAB
Performance Participants of the workshop will have the possibility to develop a sense of rhythm, hearing and plastics, as well as the feeling of collectivity and collective action. They will work with fragments of tissue using them as screens to project short films created for the project. The result of the workshop will be shown during IZOLYATSIA Fair. 5th flor, smaller hall. Warehouse 2. Mykola Guseinov
Writing literature miniatures The workshop is based on the Georges Polti’s theory on 36 situations that may be found in many stories. Participants of the workshop will know about all these types of situations and models to mix them inside the story. The workshop will also contain a practical part with participants trying to create short stories related to some specific objects at IZOLYATSIA territory. MEDPUNKT Lubko Deresh
Why do we need art? With the simple words and life-stories Hamlet will explain to participants why the common person needs art. Art as a method to perceive and feel the world, as a possibility to enrich world inside the person and to open unrealised potential. 5th floor Hamlet Zinkovsky


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