Ukraine is under siege following a full-scale military invasion by Russia on 24 February 2022

Grounding: IZOLYATSIA introduces programme for 2020-2023

Grounding: IZOLYATSIA introduces programme for 2020-2023

1 January 2020—30 November 2020

Photo: Tom Hegen, Toxic Water series, Germany, 2018

IZOLYATSIA presents Grounding, the foundation’s new concept for the next four years, focusing on formats that support deeper and more impactful social change.

Marking its 10th anniversary as a cultural institution in Ukraine, IZOLYATSIA announces IZO-TURN 2020, the first step in its new conceptual framework, Grounding. During the last decade the foundation became a symbol of the resilience of the Ukrainian cultural sector after suffering the armed seizure of its grounds by separatist militants during the Russian-backed occupation of Donetsk. In spite of these events, IZOLYATSIA continues to champion democratic values based on the belief that cultural institutions are pillars of free democratic society. The foundation’s ordeal has reinforced its commitment to the establishment and preservation of platforms for creativity and critical thinking. With a record of ambitious programming in Ukraine and abroad, IZOLYATSIA remains a catalyst for positive changes in society as it looks toward the future.