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Talk by Villa Arson Representatives

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On May 19, 2015, at 19:00 IZOLYATSIA hosts a talk by Jean-Pierre Simon, director of the Villa Arson, and Eric Mangion, artistic director of the Villa Arson.

Speakers will outline Villa Arson’s experience at highlighting the relation between teaching, creating, researching and transmitting. How the exhibitions stem from projects implemented by teachers and artists in residence at the Villa Arson, as well as from projects organised in collaboration with other institutions, national or international (art schools, art canters, associations, etc.), in order to multiply opportunities for exchange and collaboration. They will tell about the experience of work with guest artists and curators which are also invited to develop individual projects in the context of their research.

Villa Arson is a French art museum, art school and research institution for contemporary art, located in Nice, France. The institution's mission is the tandem development of initiatives for artists including training programs, creative work and exposure to the contemporary visual art world. IZOLYATSIA, in collaboration with the Villa Arson, offers artist-in-residency program for two Ukrainian artists in 2015-16.

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Address: 8, Naberezhno-Lugova str, fourth floor

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