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Lecture on Vernacular Photography

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On April 4 at 13:00 IZOLYATSIA will hold a lecture: Vernacular Photography: A Brief History of the Boundless Creation and Consumption of Stories.

During the lecture different aspects related to the phenomenon of  vernacular photography will be discussed. We’ll talk about the new trends in this genre, it’s features and importance.

The term vernacular is used to refer to the amateur, everyday, nonprofessional photography. Kodak, Polaroid, digital cameras gave us an opportunity to capture and preserve any moment of reality. Now people don’t even notice how they participate in the social rituals of the production and the consumption of images. But do billions of these photos present any particular value – as records, as history, as art? Why has the interest of collectors and museums worldwide grown to the snapshot genre? This meeting at IZOLYATSIA offers a discussion on universality and uniqueness, on cliché, and about what is hidden behind every vernacular photo.

Lecturer - art historian Lubava (Lyubov) Illyenko (Ukraine-Germany).

Entrance is free.

Address: Naverezhno-Luhova 8, second floor (follow the orange IZO pointers)

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