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Open public talks by Architecture Ukraine participants

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IZOLYATSIA will hold open public talks by the residents of the Architecture Ukraine program. 

The participants of the residency program will speak about their backgrounds, previous experiences and projects.

21.07, 19:00 — open public talks by the following Architecture Ukraine participants: METASITU (Liva Dudareva (Latvia) and Eduardo Cassina (Spain) / architecture, urbanism; Justin Tyler Tate (USA/Canada) / art; Lucia Maffei (Italy) / architecture.

18.08, 19:00 — open public talks by the following Architecture Ukraine participants: Fulco Treffers (The Netherlands) / architectureSvetlana Demchenko (USA) / architecture; Francisco Lobo (Portugal) and Romea Muryn (Poland) / filmmaking, architecture.

21.08, 19:00 — open public talks by the following Architecture Ukraine participants: collective wot tak (Anna Bajanova (Kyrgyzstan), Martha Dyachenko (Ukraine), Mitya Churikov (Ukraine) and Eric Zapel (USA) / architecture, art; Anna Balasz (Hungary) / anthropology, Danielle Rosales and Robin Coenen (Germany) / design research.

All AU public talks are in English.

Free admission

Address: Naberezhno-Luhova str., 8, 2nd floor (Taras Shevchenko metro station) 

METASITU is a strategic art collective and urban consultancy founded by landscape architect Liva Dudareva (Latvia) and urban sociologist Eduardo Cassina (Spain). The duo was formed in early 2014, and since then the group has worked on projects in Palestine, Austria, Serbia, Russia, Greece, and the United Arab Emirates. 

 Justin Tyler Tate (USA/Canada) works on the edge between architecture, art and engineering. His works have been exhibited in Latvia, Estonia, Great Britain, Canada and other countries. Justin Tyler Tate’s work is concerned with the ideas of space, function and interactivity. He uses traditional methods of construction/fabrication in unconventional ways, altering the purpose of a space and thereby, changing how users experience it. 

Lucia Maffei is an architect and urban researcher from Italy. Her research is focusing on architecture as contingency, as it conceived in its social and political implications. Starting from this, Lucia aims to investigate on the nature of the architectural practice in relation with the recalibration of the urban praxis believing in the necessity of a continuous spatial research. Exploring this perspective, Lucia works in-between the process of re-thinking the traditional discipline of architecture and the notion of borders at the territorial scale as a spatial and virtual praxis of division - and thus as a prototype of biopolitical architecture. Recently, Lucia has experience of working in Palestine and Cambodia. The project aims to reveal as the spatial structure for the city planning process can be subverted allowing to reconfigure new ground of relations and new public and common functions.

Сolleсtive wot tak (Germany) consists of 4 members — Anna Bajanova (Kyrgyzstan), Martha Dyachenko (Ukraine), Mitya Churikov (Ukraine) and Eric Zapel (USA). The group specializes in developing social and architectural projects (with focus on renewable energies), and applying them in the real world. In particular, the collective wot tak is interested in the concept of autonomy. 

Fulco Treffers is an architect and urban researcher from the Netherlands. He is the founder of 12N - a studio of urban design. His projects are mostly connected with city development and social housing. 

Anna Balázs is an anthropologist from Hungary that researches post-socialist cities. The topics of her research are public space and memory. Anna explores the meanings and problems behind the Soviet spatial legacy. 

Danielle Rosales and Robin Coenen (Germany) are members of the Civic City Network, an independent association and evolving network of designers, architects, sociologists, political scientists, geographers, urban planners, and others. The network was founded in 2011 and today includes specialists in various areas of activity all over the world. The members of the group organise courses in design, architecture, sociology, urban planning and urban development in different regions of the world by means of networking. 

Svetlana Demchenko is a Ukrainian-American architect. She has worked in the United States, China and Ukraine. Svetlana seeks to research the topic of decommunization using data visualisation and design. She is interested in the links between forms of ‘power’, ‘society’ and ‘architecture’. 

Francisco Lobo (Portugal) is a filmmaker with a deep interest in social activity to determinate and define what is important in a certain culture or idea. Romea Muryn (Poland) is an architect and urban planner with focus on understanding users needs and demands. She is interested in analysing social and geographical boundaries that can limit or expand the dynamics of a city.


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