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IZOLYATSIA hosts Meet TEDxDonetsk

IZOLYATSIA hosts Meet TEDxDonetsk - "Communications: virtual and real in the life of the modern human".

How have we ever been living without communications? Without any gadgets, online radio and internet? We're going more and more deep into the digital world, creating new pages and new paragraphs of our lives. Do you remember this "I always take a camera with me!" slogan from one popular TV show? So what now? We always carry not only cameras, but also photos, readers, friends in our phones, newspapers, magazines, news agencies and even tons of useless advertising. All this creates special communicative space in which we live, love, make friends, work, create new contacts, etc.

Anton Lyagusha, the expert in media, will explaine how it came to our lives and where is our place in this paradigm. Olga Yefimova, IZOLYATSIA Communications manager will speak about the power of communications, the value of emotions, the threshold of communicational pain for the modern society and responsibility as a necessary condition for the balance.

Marina Liferova, President of the Association of Sign Language Interpreters, will talk about how to live in a special world with the absence of our usual understanding of real and virtual in our world, and people communicate using sign language.

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