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Screening of The Sun Experiment at GOGOLFEST

On September 13, 2014, at 15:30 the screening of The Sun Experiment will take place at GOGOLFEST. The film was created by Elise Florenty and Marcel Türkowsky in the framework of the Turborealism (Breaking Ground) residency project and exhibition held in Donetsk in 2012-2013, curated by Victoria Ivanova and Agnieszka Pindera. 

Somewhere near the Black Sea, in a post-Soviet mining town, a young woman prepares to undergo an electro-telepathic solar experiment via an excitator, in a DIY version of the Cold War parapsychic experiments. The sun’s radiation is transformed into electric energy stimulating the layers of her consciousness, causing an explosion of memories and multiplying it into diverse characters, activities and time frames… collective visions nested one inside the other...

As in the artists’ previous films, the words set the tone while the ambition is greater. The aim is a meditation on History, but with small-scale means, dedicated to the most modest materiality. Dust, a rug, a salad bowl, an hourglass, a glass vial, dance steps, caps, etc., chime out a tangible world, but one that is grasped as if it was on the verge of disappearing. The camera stays close to what it shoots, making felt the thickness of elements as if they were as labile as the electric current or the stuff of dreams. Even the commentaries, those ghostly voices, are swept up in a dream-like haze that refuses the limits of real space. This sun experiment, which is never blinding, leads us to a celebration of the languor of abandonment rather than of conquest (the famous Victory over the Sun). 
Jean-Pierre Rehm, FIDMarseille 2013.

Written — Filmed — Edited
Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky

Matter: Nastya Azari
Antimatter: Anna Perehoda
Electric Shaman: Vlad Samodelkin
Rescue Team: Eugene Kharakhush
The Men with the Dance Step:
Bogdan Sulkovskyi
Sergii Likhtarenko
Gerasim Saenko
Vladimir Rymarchuk

Sonic Phantomatic Appearances:
The Lonely Voice of Man (1987) by Alexander Sokurov
Takeoff (1979) by Savva Kulish
Mirror for a Hero (1988) by Vladimir Khotinenko
Swan Lake: The Zone (1990) by Yuri Ilyenko
Le Tombeau d'Alexandre - The Last Bolshevik (1992) by Chris Marker
The Mirror (1975) by Andrei Tarkovsky
The Homeland of Electricity (1967) by Larisa Shepitko
Live Broadcasts of Madain occupation events, 2013/2014

Texts from books by Andrei Platonov
The Ether Channel (1929)
Descendants of the Sun (1922)


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