The IZOLYATSIA territory in Donetsk remains seized and the platform has currently relocated to Kyiv.

IZOLYATSIA Takes Part in PRO Misto Festival

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On May 29-31, 2015 IZOLYATSIA participates in the urban festival PRO Misto and presents The Architectonic Self-service project.

The Architectonic Self-service is the initiative of a design group named YAD. It refers to the remakes of the facilities, that were built by anonymous painters and found on the streets of Kyiv. The project is on display at the festival in unexpected places, starting from the area indicated on the map below. At the same time members of YAD design group (Andrei Gorokhov, Alexander Manukyans and Vitaly Morozov) will construct a functioning café EDASHA from planks and sticks, demonstrating "creative and culinary aggression". A large number of tables and chairs of different colours will be designed, and there will be lots of talks, sweets and lemonades.

On May 30 at 16:00
Ievgeniia Moliar, Project Coordinator of IZOLYATSIA foundation, will participate in a discussion Art and Public Space. Ievgeniia will dwell on the projects, that were conducted by IZOLYATSIA in public spaces and on typical features of such initiatives.

On May 31 at 16:00
Anya Medvedeva, Director of Communications of IZOLYATSIA foundation, takes part in the discussion Revitalisation of Industrial Zones. Anya will share models for the transformation of industrial spaces, that were implemented by IZOLYATSIA in Donetsk, Mariupol and Kyiv.

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