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New Deal: Talk on Culture, the Economy and the Commercialisation of the Creative Sector

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On May 23, 2015, at 13:00 the next talk on culture, the economy and the commercialisation of the creative sector takes place at IZOLYATSIA foundation. Anya Medvedeva, Communications Director of IZOLYATSIA, moderates the discussion, Anna Agafonova, permanent advisor of IZOLYATSIA, is an invited expert of the talk.

During the last meeting the Big Push model, as well as concepts such as the poverty trap, the error of coordination and development of the potential of culture as a key sector of the economy were discussed. 

Based on the experience of the western countries, participants of the talk will consider the New Deal model, known as Roosevelt’s New Deal, and try to answer the questions:

What opportunities of aggregated demand does cultural industrialisation open? What infrastructure has to be built, and at whose expense? How much should art cost for the middle class? What mental models are inherent in developed countries and does their cultural product transmit them? What are the "ideal" investments, which will help to avoid the "culture of poverty" and the error of coordination?

Anna Agafonova (Donetsk)
Permanent Advisor of IZOLYATSIA since 2011.
Scholar of the German Academic Exchange Service, a graduate of the College of effective management named after Gerdeller. Currently she studies at the Friedrich-Alexander University (Nuremberg), development of the economy and international trade course, exploring creative clusters as the phenotype of economies of scale.

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