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An Open Call for the Creation of Murals

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The US Embassy in Ukraine and IZOLYATSIA announces an open call for the creation of murals in America House cultural center in Kyiv.

Specifications: walls are located in different buildings, the total area for murals creation comprises 50 m2. The size of the wall in the first building is 432 cm x 260 cm, 15 m2. There room has one window. The room is used for security checks upon entering the cultural center.

The wall size in the second building is 555 cm x 600 cm, 35 m2. The wall is located along the stairs leading from the second to the third floor. The building will host educational and cultural activities.

Preference will be given to projects featuring both American and Ukrainian culture and taking into account the aesthetic expectations of the target audience of the cultural centre - young people.

Please send your proposals to Ievgeniia Moliar The proposal should consist of a descriptive part (concept) and a sketch. One applicant may submit a maximum of 5 project ideas. The selection will be carried out jointly by the US Embassy and IZOLYATSIA foundation. Deadline for submission is 22 March 2015.

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