The IZOLYATSIA territory in Donetsk remains seized and the platform has currently relocated to Kyiv.

“Time and Crisis” to be held at the Greek Film Archive Museum

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The Exhibition entitled “Time and Crisis” to be held at the  Greek Film Archive Museum (Teniotheke) is an exhibition in two parts taking place between 11-19 February and 11-19 March within the Greek Film Archive Building located in Iera Odos in central Athens. 

In the framework of this exhibition IZOLYATSIA will demonstrate five documentary videos connected to the institution's seizure on June 9, 2014.

The show is scheduled to coincide with a cinematic tribute on the theme of CRISIS which will show films ranging from the 20s till the present day by directors such as Phil Jutzi, Frederik Zelnik, Alexander Kluge, Mark Achbar,  Avi Lewia, Laurem Greenfeld, David Sington, Michael Moore, et.als, and will run on the cinemas of the G.F.A. 

The exhibition to take place on the foyer and ground floor exhibition space of the G.F.A. will focus mainly on video and photo works that deal with issues of the current crises in politics, economy, religion, immigration and ecology. Financial crisis, global erosion of civil rights and massive rise of social movements are also some of the issues dealt here. The show shifts from the model of reducing artistic engagement to a singular figure of the artist-author and expands to exposing also films with a broader educational or documentary style. This variety all comes together and connects providing the viewer with a multitude of political, social and intellectual issues that run under the umbrella title of “Time and Crisis”.


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