The IZOLYATSIA territory in Donetsk remains seized and the platform has currently relocated to Kyiv.

IZIN seeks interns

IZIN is seeking students of journalism, cultural studies, and similar disciplines who wish to apply for an internship with IZOLYATSIA’s online publication.

Typically, the internship lasts for three months (in specific circumstance, it can be shorter/longer) and includes work in the following areas:
- web-editing;
- collection and processing of information;
- communication with artists, architects, designers (posting comments, interviewing).

- part-time work at IZIN’s editorial office;
- responsibility;
- basic computer knowledge;
- ability to work with texts;
- fluent English;
- ability to work in a team.

What can students learn:
- practical skills of working on an online publication from the stage of concept development to the material’s final layout on the site;
- maintaining communications with the protagonists of material;
- search and collection of material.

In terms of output, the intern receives an official letter of recommendation from the foundation, which may very useful in qualifying for educational opportunities, scholarships, grants, as well as jobs.

Applications should be sent to Asia Bazdyrieva ( Please specify your specific interest (education, work experience), and your preferred schedule.


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