The IZOLYATSIA territory in Donetsk remains seized and the platform has currently relocated to Kyiv.

Results of the Curator Project Competition at IZOLYATSIA

We announce results of The Curator Project Competition.

The Curator Project Competition organized by  IZOLYATIA has resulted in twelve applications received from seventeen individual participants  and collective curatorial groups, namely:  Victoria Bronza, Victoria Bavykina, Yaroslav Bondarchuk. Darya Koltsova,  Lera Polyanskova (Kharkov); Roman Gromov (Odessa); Katerina Filyuk, Maria Kinivich, Anastasiya Sidelnik, Maria Lanko, Liza German, Nina Murashkina, Alexander Mikhed, Lina Romanukha, Ksenia Utevskaya, Lora Ischenko, Alina Yakubenko (Kiev).

Taking into account a high level of submitted applications we have elected not to pick one winner but to create a  whole pool of exhibition projects for the MEDPUNKT Gallery at IZOLYATSIA.  We have also decided  to assemble all participants of the Curator Competition for a three day seminar at IZOLYATSIA for a joint discussion of submitted applications as well as talks on essence and role of the curatorship in contemporary art.

Due to the current atmosphere of tension in Donetsk, a date of conducting the seminar and time frame of implementing the approved projects will be defined after the situation in the region stabilizes.  


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