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Curator competition

IZOLYATSIA announces a competition for curators` projects for creating an exhibition in the gallery MEDPUNKT. 

Thematic projects, which consist of pieces of Ukrainian artists, can take part in the competition. (The projects with personal exhibitions, devoted to one artist, cannot be regarded for taking part in the competition.) Projects with precise thematic focus, which consist of pieces of young, having small exhibit experience artists will have the priority. 

Only projects with ready pieces are considered for participating in the competition and potential exhibition. (There is no budget in the competition for creating new works.) 

The number of works and their size should match the gallery size (see the gallery plan in the attachment). 

For participating in the competition the following information is needed to be sent: 

1.    Curatorial description of the project: subject of the exhibition, explaining of its significance, short description of each piece with explanation how exactly this or that work relates to the subject of the project. 

2.    List of works with following information: photo of the work, author`s name, name of the work, its material and size. 

3.    Supposed plan for works` hanging accordingly to the plan of the gallery MEDPUNKT. 

4.    CV of the curator or of a group of curators. 

All materials should be sent in one pdf file in order specified in the description. File should be called the following way: curator's name_medpunkt. 

The winner will get the right to implement his exhibition project in the gallery MEDPUNKT at IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives. IZOLYATSIA pays honorarium to the winner and pays for works` transportation and installation, design and printing of all related materials expenses (posters, booklets and so on).

Deadline for submission of the applications: the 1st of May. Announcing of the competition results: the 15th of May. Project implementation: July, August.  

Email for sending applications: 


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