Территория фонда ИЗОЛЯЦИЯ в Донецке остается захваченной.

IZOLYATSIA promotes Ukrainian artists abroad

IZOLYATSIA in cooperation with Creative Time, New York, is presenting Yuriy Kruchak and Iuliia Kosterieva (Open Place artistic platform) to both the Leonore Annenberg Prize for Art and Social Change and the Amanda Weil Lecture to be held at the first international Creative Time Summit (Stockholm, November, 14-15th). 

Last year Yuriy Kruchak and Iuliia Kosterieva took part in Meeting Place Exhibition at IZOLYATSIA with interactive audio installation Invisible Way

Currently they are working on project about emigration as a choice or need to redefine ourselves as citizens along with national and linguistic identity for the Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, Poland. This work was the main bid for the application.