The IZOLYATSIA territory in Donetsk remains seized and the platform has currently relocated to Kyiv.

Chaos of beauty. Concert of electronic music

This Saturday Dj s8 and Hustler_Baby pass the baton to Papa Srapa, That Black and YY. On July 20th at 18:00 on the IZOLYATSIA terrace they will play noise, ragas and futuristic soundscapes.*

Papa Srapa (Edward Srapionov). An alchemist of analog synthesis and engineer of sound spaces. His home-made synthesizers have no analogues in the world. They look more like tools from science fiction movies than musical instruments.
That Black (Vlad Kramer). At the junction of North Indian classical music and modern technologies he creates ragas from 21st century. In the first part of the concert he will showcase the game on a tabla (a main rhythmic instrument of India) in a sample-based drum synthesis technologies. The second part of the concert will be focused on meditation on the electric violin, inspired by the ancient Indian string instrument sarangi.
Y-Y (Maxim Zamay) - Soundscapes. Synthesized sounds and harmonies, lost in the maze of delays and loopers. Wandering landscapes, woven with sound waves.
* Tickets for the concert - 20 UAH.


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