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Big Push or Creative Business as Hope for the Ukrainian Economy

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On March 13 at 19:00 a discussion with Hanna Agafonova Big Push or Creative Business as hope for the Ukrainian economy will take place at IZOLYATSIA.

On the eve of the launch of IZONE as a space for creative business, IZOLYATSIA invites one of its regular consultants Hanna Agafonova to introduce international practices of successful development of the art industry, and share thoughts on how to develop the economy in Ukraine with the help of art and culture.

Based on the analysis of the economic situation in Ukraine the concept of Big Push will be presented as the definition of a key sector of development. Using specific examples of the dependency between the development of certain areas of art and economic growth, the expert will explain the relationship between creative industries and other industries and the relevant methods of analysis, and will demonstrate how creative industries can stimulate the development of other areas. During the discussion participants can get answers to questions on how the creative economy can be profitable and share thoughts on who should develop the art industry in the country — the state, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the capital market, oligarchs, or business activists. In addition, the discussion involves the analysis of the cyclical development of creative clusters — the stages of development and self-organization, geographical scale and monetisation of existing knowledge, and the interaction of internal and external economies of scale.

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