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BIG PUSH Presentation Available

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IZOLYATSIA uploaded the BIG PUSH presentation, footnotes to the discussion on creative businesses and overcoming the discoordination crisis in Ukraine.

Slides contain information about the mechanisms of creation of new industries, industrialisation and coexistence of old and new industries for the greatest economic benefit of population. The presentation also unveils the mechanism of development of a creative cluster, using the example of IZONE, and illustrates the process of profit-making and entering an international market.

The presentation will be of use to professionals in the area and scholars studying this subject. It contains useful diagrams, references to scholarly papers treating the subject, as well as practical examples, recommendations and algorithms for development of creative industries.

Presentation, as well as the video of the BIG PUSH event can be purchased by making a donation of UAH 25 or more. Every donor contributes to the research in the field of creative industries in Ukraine and helps IZOLYATSIA provide future presentations for free.



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