The IZOLYATSIA territory in Donetsk remains seized and the platform has currently relocated to Kyiv.

The opening of IZOLYATSIA’s exhibition in Augsburg (Germany)

Photo by Christian MenkelOn July 21, 2015, the exhibition, Culture and Conflict: IZOLYATSIA in Exile took place as part of Friedensfest, the International festival of piece in Augsburg, Germany. 

The opening was accompanied by a performance of the House of Cards by Ukrainian artist Serhii Zakharov (IZOLYATSIA) followed by a panel discussion Culture, Conflict and Censorship, devoted to the freedom of artistic and journalistic expressions. 

The panelists shared their views on the possibility of free expression during war, as well as the role of culture in understanding and overcoming conflicts. Lubava Ilyenko, art expert, Dmytro Potekhin, journalist and Serhii Zakharov, artist, all elaborated on the story of IZOLYATSIA, during 4 years of activity in Donetsk where it held a series of cultural initiatives, promoting social change, developing critical thinking and raising the level of tolerance in society. 

Participants of the event discussed the informative material in the exhibition, which feature the views of different parties, involved in the current conflict in Eastern Ukraine - the militants, who seized the territory and forced IZOLYATSIA to leave its hometown and continue its activities in other cities, the artists and journalists, who were imprisoned by the representatives of Donetsk People’s Republic and the young residents of Donetsk, who consider Donetsk to be a part of Ukraine. 

The discussion was also attended by Dr. Dietrich Heissenbuettel, critic and art historian and Matthias Heitmann, a political journalist and writer. 

The exhibition is on view until August, 8, 2015, the New City Library, address: Ernst-Reuter Platz 1, Augsburg, Germany. 

The exhibition Culture and Conflict: IZOLYATSIA in Exile took place at Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France, 2014) and Art Centre DOX (Prague, Czech Republic, 2015). 

About the Friedensfest FestivalFriedensfest (Augsburger Hohe Friedensfest) is an international multidisciplinary festival of peace, which has been taking place in Augsburg since 1650. The event is dedicated to the end of Protestants’ oppression in Augsburg during the Thirty Years War, and is held every year on August, 8. Since 1950, the event is celebrated as an official state holiday to promote political, religious, cultural and social freedoms. 

Photo by Christian Menkel

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