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Helen Anna Flanagan (Great Britain): Artist-Talk

November 12, at 7 PM, there is an Artist-Talk of British artist and film-director Helen Anna Flanagan within the framework of artistic residency programme SWAP: UK/Ukraine and IZOLYATSIA.

The video works directed by Helen Anna Flanagan are determined by the environments she sometimes finds herself in. The artist is interested in the systems, through which collective social experience is represented, transformed and consumed. She has been working with different international environments to examine the ways, in which various cultural, socio-political, and geographical contexts predetermine her artistic activity. Helen Anna Flanagan also explores a range of psychosocial phenomena, including group forming criterion, a cumulative interaction between individuals and its schismogenesis (that is to say disintegration); the role of affects and the language; social inclusion and exclusion; labour and leisure; conflict as an integration process.

The works by Helen Anna Flanagan have been displayed at lots of international exhibitions, for instance,  Go Short International Film Festival (Netherlands), November Film Festival (Great Britain), Film and Video Poetry Symposium (USA), Plymouth Contemporary 2017 (Great Britain), Art Rotterdam (Netherlands).

During the residence at IZOLYATSIYA, Helen Anna Flanagan is exploring the Soviet mosaics and monumental paintings depicting the cult of sport and athletic body. These subjects will become focal points in the video work written and directed by Helen.

Free entry

The event will be held in English without translation


November 12 (Monday), 7 PM


IZONE; the third floor.

Kyiv; Naberezhno-Luhova, 8

IZOLYATSIA is pleased to announce its participation in the third iteration of SWAP: UK/Ukraine Artist Residency Programme co-organised by the British Council Ukraine and Liverpool Biennial. The project aims to connect artists from Ukraine and the UK and support their professional development and internationalisation. As in its first year, the programme is also designed to give artists the time to research, reflect and explore the UK/Ukraine’s vast artistic traditions