Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.


10 October 2011 — 12 February 2012

The interdisciplinary educational module of IZOLYATSIA’s ecological program aims to merge environmental responsibility, creativity and sustainability. 
For many years, Donbass has been extensively exploited for its resources without any rehabilitation and regeneration efforts. Hyper-production and great capital turnovers have created a predilection for consumption fetish and social apathy. Every day people interact with their environment and therefore the dirty city air is imprinted on all of us, as well as violence, abuse or injustice.
The lack of governmental initiatives in the development of ecological awareness prompts social organizations their proactive position. IZOLYATSIA offers to a wide audience events devoted to the environmental and eco-ethical discourse of Donbass. To participate in this program we invited not only activists and enthusiasts of the environmental movement, but also academic experts in the field of ecology and natural history, as well as philosophers, artists, business people and writers, bringing both our structural and technical approach and creative and humanistic values​​.

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