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Donetsk City Guide

16 November 2011

Everyone knows how the average city guide looks like. It is full of photos of places that tourist shouldn't miss. The "Welcome to Donetsk" brochure is full of fountains, parks, churches, monuments, high-rise buildings, Artema street. In fact, that's city's smart appearance.

IZOLYATSIA invites all of initiative Donetsk inhabitants capable of photography and noticing thing around to participate in our project. The codename of the project is Donetsk City Guide for a Japanese Hipster. We are talking about patient and interested alien. We want to create some kind of remake for standard guide, with big photos on each broadside, some small insets and commentaries.  Inside we want to put a city map, some recommended routes around the city. Our guide has to look different from photo art albums or photo exhibition catalogues. 
More information can be found on the project website.

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