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Lecture on The Burden of History by Hiroaki Kuromiya

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On April 26 at 18:00 Hiroaki Kuromiya, a professor of history at Indiana University (Bloomington, USA) and author of many books, will hold the lecture - The Burden of History.

Hiroaki Kuromiya – guest of IZOLYATSIA program at Book Arsenal
The event is supported by Ukraine Today TV channel.

The researcher studied the Donbas as a border area for 10 years, after which he wrote a book Freedom and Terror in the Donbas: A Ukrainian-Russian Borderland, 1870s-1990s. This work is considered one of the most extensive works about Donbas in this period. The book was translated into Ukrainian language in 2002, but has been published in small editions.

During his lecture prof. Kuromiya will not only talk about Donbas issues, but will also touch upon the history of Ukraine as a whole, focusing on its forgotten pages.

Entrance is free

Address: Naberezhno-Luhova Street 8, second floor. 


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