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Cultural Conversion

25 September 2010 — 26 September 2010

To mark IZOLYATSIA's creation, the foundation convened an international conference, Cultural Conversion: A New Life of the Industrial Past, on the 25th of September, 2010. IZOLYATSIA invited experts on cultural projects aimed at the revival of former industrial zones to share their experiences.

The creation of art-platforms on former industrial territories does not necessarily present a panacea for all social and economic evils. However, in most instances, it serves as a trigger for a new stage in the development of social spaces and a source of inspiration for overcoming periods of crisis. The conference was an opportunity to reflect on the possibilities presented by the newly launched IZOLYATSIA project.

The participants spoke about the different forms, possibilities and theoretical approaches to the rehabilitation of former industrial areas, pointing out some common principles: the open nature of such projects, their socially inclined character, their innovative approach towards creativity and culture in the lives of communities, and a willingness to develop a local cultural environment.

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